miércoles, 1 de marzo de 2017

Nervios Calavera - Rocanroleando con los nervios calavera

01 - El rockandroll del Camaro
02 - Nervios Calavera
03 - Mi pequena gran baby
04 - El Fugitivo
05 - Surf Calavera
06 - A Las Calles
07 - Me Quieren Internar


Nicotyna - Alrededor Del Mundo

01.-Carrera salvaje
02.-Ultimo adios
04.-Gato sucio
06.-Chicken run
07.-Palabras de amor
08.-Nunca pense
09.-Enloquezco por tus besos
10.-I´m a rocker
11.-Corre, grita y me excitas
12.-El rock de prision


VA - Psychorrendo - Brazilian Psychobilly

1 Kгes Vadius - Exorcista
2 Kгes Vadius - Hey Garota
3 Kгes Vadius - S & M
4 Kгes Vadius - Conselho de Amigo
5 Ovos Presley - Triste Fim
6 Ovos Presley - O Filho de Elvis
7 Ovos Presley - Ruas Inundadas
8 Ovos Presley - Defuntos Tambйm Sabem Danзar
9 Mongolords - Deusa Ufonauta
10 Mongolords - Skafajeste
11 Mongolords - Mosca Assassin a
12 Mongolords - Mгo Peluda
13 Krapulas - Lobster Man From Voodoo Island
14 Krapulas - Vinganзa
15 Krapulas - Roto & Mal Parado
16 Krapulas - Jhonny
17 The Krents - Prуxima Vitima
18 The Krents - Adorбvel Vagabunda
19 The Krents - Beto Bebaзo
20 The Krents - Colapso Nervoso
21 Maniac Rockers - Attack Of The Bйqui-Men
22 Maniac Rockers - I'm Gonna Kill You
23 Maniac Rockers - She's a Vampire
24 Maniac Rockers - Andrade


Dr. Ring-Ding & The Senior Allstars Meet Victor Rice ‎– Pick Up The Pieces

01.-Dub Along The Shore    
02.-Move On Dub    
03.-Ruckumbine MKII    
04.-A Dub Supreme    
05.-Shiva Dub    
06.-True Dub    
07.-Girls Them Dub    
08.-Burn Them Dub    
10.-Stalker Dub    
11.-Rice And Dub (Pt. 1)    
12.-Rice And Dub (Pt. 2)    
13.-Dub Outta Many


Dr. Ring-Ding & The Senior Allstars - My Sound

01 My Sound
02 Madness
03 Podmoskovnye Vechera (Moscow Nights)
04 Run Run


Dr. Ring-Ding & The Senior Allstars - Diggin' Up Dirt

01.-Sound Unity    
02.-Turn It Down    
03.-Little One    
04.-Georgia Dub (Rainy Night In Georgia)    
05.-My Sound Remix    
06.-In The Mood For Love    
07.-Long Time Music    
08.-Queen Dub    
09.-The Sheikh's Feast    
11.-Call Di Doctor Remix    
12.-Fight Over God    
14.-Rudeboy Style Remix    
15.-Golden Gate


Dr. Ring-Ding & The Senior Allstars - Dandimite!

01.- Phone Talk
02.- Dandimite ska!
03.- Big man
04.- Medley: save a bread, save a toast
05.- (Wantme) Money back
06.- Got my boogaloo
07.- Bellevue asylum
08.- What a day
09.- Latin goes ska
10.- Rudeboy style
11.- Stay out late
12.- Knocking on my door
13.- Main in the street
14.- One scouch, one bourbon, one beer
15.- Gloria


Dr. Ring-Ding & The Senior Allstars – Big Up!

03.-I Don't Love You Anymore
04.-Move On Up
05.-Spy Fly
06.-Little Girl
08.-Big Up
09.-Gimme Rice
10.-Push Wood
12.-Road Stop
13.-Out Of Many


Dr. Ring-Ding & HP Setter - Big T'ings

01.-Big Tings A Gwaan   
02.-Louis Gone A Foreign   
03.-Ska Explosion   
04.-Mr. Smith Lost His Fish   
05.-Trombone Sound   
06.-Bamboo Tribute   
07.-54 Knights Vs. The Smoker   
08.-Psalm 104,33   
09.-Free Spirit   
10.-Top Notch Version
11.-Neighbourhood Queen   
12.-Emergency Case   
13.-Old Man Donald   

Dr. Ring Ding - Once A Year

1. Once a Year
2. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
3. Dumpa Ska (Instrumental)
4. Petit Papa Noel
5. Ruba Dub Santa
6. Lulajze Jezuniu
7. Twelve Elves (Instrumental)
8. All I Wanna Do (On Christmas Day)
9. I Believe
10. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
11. Les anges dans nos campagnes (Instrumental)
12. The Christmas Song
13. Christmas Again


Dr. Ring Ding - Nice Again

01.-Dancehall Nice Again    
03.-Doctor's Darling    
04.-Ruff Like A Rock
05.-Vom Vatter    
06.-Friendly Fiyah    
09.-Call Di Doctor (007-Lick)    
10.-Good Times    
11.-Wer Kennt Die Frau    
13.-Ja Watten    
14.-ring De Money    
16.-Cuss Raas    
18.-Bombs Over Baghdad    
19.-Ruff Like A Rock (Dancehall Mix)    


Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza - Piping Hot

01.-Piping Hot    
02.-Mother Of Four    
03.-You've Done Me Wrong    
04.-All The Way To The Moon    
05.-Freedom Of Thought    
06.-The Bird    
07.-Dancing With The Fat Man's Lady    
08.-Charles Birk    
09.-Sammy Don't Go Out No More    
10.-All Because I Love You    
13.-What They Say    
14.-El Cant Dels Ocells    
15.-Don't Give Up


Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza - Bingo Bongo

1 Hello, Good Evening 
2 When You're Drunk
3 Cocoa Bean
4 Can't Stop
5 Adagio
6 Mr. Big Shot
7 Bingo Bongo
8 Gun Bae
9 The Exorcist
10 The Rule
11 The Way Of Mercy
12 Gimme Nuff Ska  
13 Paluku Rock
14 Two Wrongs
15 Galang Dada


Dr. Ring Ding meets Dreadsquad – Dig It All

01 – Shubeen
02 – Soundbway Warning
03 – Your Sound Is Done
04 – Sweet Like Candy
05 – Think Positive
06 – Hurry Up To Wait
07 – Come Test
08 – Dig It All
09 – Telemarketer
10 – Modern Time
11 – Creation
12 – Ugly Gal
13 – Animal Party
14 – Dont Waste My Time


Dr. Ring Ding & Sharp Axe Band - Gwaan & March Forth

02.-Don't Think Twice    
03.-Soundbway Dead-O    
05.-The Contract    
06.-Ring Of Fire / Fiyah Fiyah    
07.-My Darling    
08.-Pitta Patta    
09.-Ugly Peruke    
10.-Keep Your Love Light Shining    
11.-The Only One    
12.-New York Story    
13.-Willow Tree    
14.-A Love I Can See / Living Sweetness    
15.-White Rum And Pum Pum    

01.-March Forth    
02.-Belly To Belly    
03.-Back To Dub    
04.-Dub It Twice    
05.-Ugly To The Bone    
06.-Dr. Ringo    
08.-Keep Your Dub Shining    
09.-Willow Tree (Weeping Dub)
10.-The Only Dub    
11.-Dub Alive    
12.-Unchained (Off The Hook)   
13.-Five Borroughs    
14.-Dubbing Sweetness    
15.-Keep Your Love Light Shining (Earth Mix)